Personal Taxes

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It is important you submit your personal income taxes on time. We are here to help you with your personal income taxes and claim the maximum amount of tax deductions possible.

In order to prepare your personal taxes the following information is required:

  • All T4/Releve 1 slips received from employers during the year

  • All T5/Releve 3 slips, (investment income) you have received from your bank, other financial institution, investment broker

  • All T3 slips (generally mutual funds) you have received from banks, other financial institutions, investment broker. Note, these particular slips are not required to be printed until March 31 therefore if you have invested in any mutual funds for which you have not yet received a slip, please advise of this when you bring in your taxes.

  • T4A (including COVID-19 benefit payments such as CRB,CRBC,CRSB), T4A (OAS), T4A(P) for Canada Pension Plan, T4E, T4RIF, T4RSP, T5003, and corresponding provincial slips

  • all RRSP income withdrawals on form T4SP sent to you by the institution holding RRSP

  • All RRSP contribution receipts from your financial institution

  • Details regarding RRSP- Home Buyers Plan withdrawals or payments, RRSP LLP repayment

  • Details regarding contributions and withdrawals from RESP

  • Releve 19 slip for any advance payments of tax credits received during the year for the following payments: The work premium, Childcare expenses, Home-support for seniors

  • Releve 24 slip issued by your childcare service provider

  • Releve 31 slip provided by your landlord

  • If you have rental properties, all rental income and expenses

  • Details of capital gains and losses realized in 2020: statements with your summary of

      • investments sold in the year

      • investments purchased in the year, remember to include dates and dollar amounts

  • Copy of interest paid on school loans or any borrowed funds to invest.

Details of other income for which no T-slips have been received such as:

  • other employment income

  • business income

  • rental income

  • alimony, separation allowances, child maintenance(including divorce agreements)

  • pensions(certain pension income may now be split between spouses). Foreign pension income have special rules

  • professional fee’s

  • director fees

  • scholarships, fellowships, bursaries

- employment related expenses-provide form T2200 signed by employer

- child care expenses

- moving expenses(if moved 40 kms closer to work

- medical expenses for you and dependent persons

-tuition fees for both fulltime and part-time courses for you or a dependant (T2202)

-investment counsel fees

-Details of foreign property owned at any time in 2021 including cash, stocks, trusts, partnerships,

real estate, tangible and intangible property

-If you or your dependants have disabilities, provide Form T2201 (disability tax credit certificate)

-charitable donations

Additional Information New Clients Must Provide

  • Details of previous capital gain exemptions claimed, business investment losses and cumulative net investment loss accounts.

  • Details of carry forwards from previous years including losses, donations, registered retirement savings plans.

  • Copy of 2020 personal tax returns (both federal tax returns and provincial tax returns) & notice of assessments.